Fire Remediation Project at the Chorus Development, Wimbledon

Faithdean Special Works have substantially completed the multi-million pound full external wall remediation to Block B, 2 Stanley Road from the design stage through to construction. This Block consists of 7 floors broken down into the commercial space at Ground level followed by 6 levels (60 flats) above.

The works consist of removing the combustible external wall build up (render, insulation, CP Board, shiplap timber and timber substructure) back to the internal plasterboard and then, building the wall back out with non-combustible materials. Horizontal and Vertical cavity Barriers were installed to ensure compartmentation of each flat together with barriers around any window or penetration.

The cladding installed had to match the existing whilst still meeting the required regulations. All systems used have been tested with the necessary documentation in place. Timber decking on the balconies and roof communal area were replaced with a non-combustible decking together with the non-combustible insulation below. In addition, compartmentation of the residential and commercial units was also carefully undertaken whilst the commercial space remained occupied.

Careful and detailed planning was required to ensure the well-being of the tenants occupying the building. The job was broken down into three phases to allow as much natural light and cause the least disturbance to the tenants, as all works have been carried out whilst the flats are still occupied.

All works were carried out off of a scaffold that wrapped around the building with hoists strategically located to feed the job with materials and remove materials off-site.