Westland Medical Centre, Hornchurch

Faithdean Plc were contracted to build this multi-purpose medical facility for Essex Medicare LLP after the previous main contractor ceased trading. The Project only had its foundations in place when Faithdean began work, and all paperwork, Council correspondence and permissions were lost with the outgoing contractor.

From this difficult starting position we were able to hit the ground running and deliver within just under 10 months a fully functional and striking medical centre.

The building contains a dentist, opticians, minor operations clinic, laser eye surgery and MRI facilities for all of which Faithdean had to provide the complex web of services.

Logistically the site was in the difficult location of being next to a busy primary school on one side, and a school playing field on the other. However, through careful programming and planning, including many crane lifts and new services related road works being kept to the weekends, we were able to deliver a top quality medical hub for a private Client which passed all stringent CQC standards.