The extensive refurbishment of 29 -35 Rathbone Street, London W1

Our current project at Rathbone Street comprises of extensive alteration to the existing building including the build of a large extension to the basement, ground, first and second floors to provide valuable additional commercial space. The works also include the comprehensive refurbishment and fit out of the upper floors to a high-quality Cat A standard.

All areas of the Rathbone Street office will be adapted and refurbished to provide a newly formed and functional future-proofed building.

The full building adaptation and refurbishment will involve the removal of existing floor slabs, changing of levels and piling. In order to achieve this, extensive propping and temporary supports will be installed throughout the building. The piling is within the ground floor level in order to support a new three-storey curtain walled extension to the rear courtyard.

A new plant will be located at 3rd floor level with acoustic louvered screens around the perimeter.

The basement will be reformed to provide room for an open plan gym and showering facilities with additional amenity space. To accommodate the recent changes in how Londoners’ travel to work, plenty of bike storage will also be available.

The site is registered with the CCS (Considerate Constructors Scheme) and is subject to the Westminster Code of Construction Practice – Level 2.